Reference: About Outlines and Bitmaps

TrueType fonts are 'outline spline' type fonts: this means that a whole series of sizes can be derived from one font. This is very efficient if you need to use several sizes of the same font. Some print drivers can be configured to store the font in the the PCL file in outline form or they may rasterize it and store it in bitmapped form, one font per point size.

In EscapeE you can click on Fonts|Downloaded fonts to see if any are recorded as scalable in the 'Size' column. Alternatively, to see if a particular piece of text uses outline (scalable) fonts or bitmap just right-click on it and choose Font properties. This character matching only applies to downloaded fonts, so this process is irrelevant unless the font type is 'download'. If it is and it is Scalable you will need to choose the outline option, otherwise choose the bitmap option.

You can see from EscapeE's Fonts|Fonts in use screen just which sizes of which fonts are used in a particular PCL file. Commonly used point sizes are enumerated for convenience but you can sweep out and delete any point sizes that are not required or type in any (integer) point size missing from the list.