If, when adding a downloaded bitmap font to the database, you opt to Rearrange the character codes, EEfonts shows the code table with all the characters positioned in a regular grid, 16 cells wide. The character's code is shown at the top of each cell, along with the character it normally codes for, shown in 'Times New Roman'. Characters 0-FF conform to your default codepage (normally "1252" in the UK); characters above FF are in "Unicode".

You may use the spin-box to adjust the Scale at which the character glyphs are shown: 20 shows the most characters but at a small size, 1 shows fewest characters but at the largest size.

Editing the grid

The character codes present in the code table are shown as a list of (hexadecimal) ranges such as 0-7F. To add cells to this list:

1.Click Ranges... to display 'New character range' dialog.
2.Entering a single code adds a 16-cell range (for example, keying in 99 adds 90-9F).
Entering a range of codes, for example 86-9A, adds the the block of codes ranging from 80-9F.
3.Click OK.
Repeat steps 1 to 3 to add further ranges.

To undo, clear the edit box in step2: only the original range(s) will remain.