This brings together parts clipped from one or more files and outputs a new file, in a choice of layouts.

1.Click New control file and select Intelligent Document Format (IDF) from the EscapeE File menu.
2.Choose Composite document then click OK.
3.If a title page is required tick Title page: a Text dialog will be displayed. Key in the title text then close the Text dialog to return to the wizard. (You may re-edit the title-page text by clicking Text... to re-open the Text dialog.)
'Title page' counts as page1.
4.Choose a layout from the drop-down list: Booklet, Close packed, Music part extraction, 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns.
5.Enter the type of Paper to be used; for example A4 (note that in 'Booklet' layout, the value "A4" folds to make an A5-sized document).
6.To engage Page Numbering, click Page numbers.... (The default is None, so the panel alongside is normally blank.)
7.Click Add files... to choose a file from the regular 'Open' dialog. EscapeE will access the file and enter the details in the 'File pages' table. You will see the table of files and pages build at the foot of the wizard. The wizard will take care of the positioning, rotation and ordering of pages in the chosen layout automatically.
Click More... to add options:
oText... Enter the text to be placed on the page: see Text dialog.
oPartial page... which may be selected either from a
New... or an
Existing... file.
8.Select clip-regions to be extracted:
oClick Trimming... — see Trimming options.
oRight-click a table-row then choose Show clip-regions from the pop-up menu: see Page editor.
oSelect an area of a page running in another EscapeE window, and, while holding down the Alt key, 'drag-and-drop' it onto the table.
9.Click OK. The IDF editor opens with the document parameters already set up. You may:
ouse this directly (go to next step), or
ocustomize it using IDF code: see Creating and editing 'Other' documents.
10.Click Save to display the standard 'Save' dialogue. Name the file then click the Save button.
The Composite document IDF file is created and displayed in EscapeE.


Text dialog

Paper types

Page numbering