Example: Drawing elements B, M, P

This example code draws an ogee arch topped plaque. Note that the outer line is made up of a Bezier curve starting from the 'Move' position (1,2) and a Polyline, starting from the last Bezier point.

The first GROUP places an image in a circle with a red border. The second places a BOX.


<M X="1" Y="2"/>

<B X="2" Y="2"/>
<B X="2" Y="1"/>
<B X="3" Y="1"/>
<B X="4" Y="1"/>
<B X="4" Y="2"/>
<B X="5" Y="2"/>

<P X="5" Y="5"/>
<P X="1" Y="5"/>
<P X="1" Y="2"/>

<GROUP LEFT="2.5" TOP="1.25" WIDTH="1.0" HEIGHT="1.0" SHAPE="ELLIPSE" THICKNESS="0.01" COLOUR="red">

<GROUP LEFT="1.5" TOP="2.5" WIDTH="3" HEIGHT="2" SHAPE="BOX" />