The mail merge wizard is normally used to add personal details such names and addresses to otherwise standard letters.

1.Click New control file and select Intelligent Document Format (IDF) from the EscapeE File menu.
2.Choose Mail merge then click OK.
3.Enter, or Browse to select, the CSV file containing the addresses to be used.
4.Enter the Paper type.
5.The tabbed notebook will be showing Page1: enter, or Browse to select, the name of the letter file and page in that file containing the text for page 1.
6.Select a field name from the drop-down list of fields found in the letter file. This specifies the starting point for the text/data to be merged.
7.Type in any text to be added to the page at this point; use the 'Font...' dialogue to set up the font. (The character indicates a place where the Text editor has wrapped the text to fit the window.)  Data from the CSV file may be inserted into the text by selecting the data-field name from the box alongside. A data-field name is shown in upper case, enclosed by braces, e.g. {TOWN}.
8.If another page is required for the letter, select the New page tab then repeat steps 6 and 7.
9.Click OK.
The IDF wizard opens showing the mail-merged letter's parameters ready set up. You may use this letter directly (go to next step), or edit it further using the IDF editor: Creating and editing other documents.
10.Click Save to display the standard 'Save' dialogue. Name the file then click the Save button.
The IDF file is created and displayed in EscapeE.