Evaluate Plugin

The evaluate plugin allows programs or expressions, based on the RS/2 scripting engine, to be attached to a field. These scripts may calculate a field value or re-draw the page depending on field contents – for example, to add a logo appropriate to the page contents. It is included in EscapeE as standard.

You may insert additional fields into the document by setting up a new field and attaching the EVALUATE plugin. Such fields may directly:

perform an isolated function: e.g. NOW('ddd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss.zzz') or
evaluate a simple RS/2 expression: e.g. s:=FieldValue('CNAME'); Font(8,'Arial',''); text(100,100,lowercase(trim(s)));

Alternatively, they may:

reference an external RS2 script file which may contain many statements in the RS/2 syntax.
facilitate text recovery using a rocr plugin optical character recognition database.

The RS/2 identifier "ASYMBOL" is used to pass the return parameters of these new evaluated fields to EscapeE. EscapeE's 'export' and 'log' file functions can recover the value of any of the fields defined in the document for output as XML or PLAIN TEXT.