It is often supposed that an RGB color with its Red, Green and Blue components uniquely specifies the color, because the color receptors in the human eye do substantially respond this way. The eye's response, however, is not at all linear and neither is the actual light output generated by a display screen.

In addition to this there is also the issue of how the color is perceived - see Color perception. This means that there is not one single unique way to represent colors using RGB data. To help clarify this, the Windows® operating system standardized on an RGB system called "sRGB" and this is also used by RedTitan software when processing and displaying RGB image data. But there are other RGB systems that use slightly different component values to represent the same color.

Note:  Because color profile processing can be slow, it is strongly recommended that if you want the sRGB interpretation of RGB then use the "--sRGB--" default mode rather than selecting an ICC profile for sRGB. The default sRGB calculation is faster and probably more exact than would be obtained from using the ICC profile file.