Click the question to show/hide the answerI had a problem installing the trial version of EscapeE from the RedTitan web site.

Sometimes company firewalls cause a problem with the automatic installer; see to download a zip file version.

Click the question to show/hide the answerWhich version of PCL is supported by EscapeE?

Most PCL® features up to and including PCL5e, and more besides; for example we handle color palettes and HP-GL technical extensions which are not standard PCL5. Version 8 supports PCL6 (PCLXL). Version 8.27 supports PCL3GUI including mode 10 compression. If your PCL files require features we do not support then please send us examples.

Click the question to show/hide the answerI have downloaded EscapeE from the web site and want to use it for export and data conversions, but this version does not appear to support this.

The version you have downloaded works as a viewer in demonstration mode. The full features are not enabled until the program is registered. Registering entitles you to a one month free trial and can be done via the Internet or by fax or E-mail.

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Click the question to show/hide the answerHow do I uninstall the demo version that I downloaded?

You can use the regular Windows® uninstall. Choose "Add or Remove Programs" on the Control Panel.

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Click the question to show/hide the answerAfter updating EscapeE, why do the PDF files created contain the header "Unlicensed Demo Version of the RedTitan EscapeE Program"?

This may be for one of three reasons:

a) you did not manage to install the licence file on the computer which is running EscapeE. When you first run EscapeE it sets up an association between files with the .RTZ extension and the RedTitan® RTUNZIP program. This should mean that if you double-click on your 07000398.RTZ file on that computer in your mail client or Windows® Explorer® it will call RTUNZIP which will install the licence. If for some reason this association has not worked e.g. there was already another program associated with the .RTZ extension (unlikely), then you may have to run the RTUNZIP program manually. First ensure that the RTZ file is in a known folder on the target computer e.g. by saving the attachment to the folder in which you installed the EscapeE program. Let us assume you installed in c:\redtitan\software, so it is easiest if you save the 07000398.RTZ file to that folder. Then run the RTUNZIP program either in a CMD window or by clicking on the 'Start' button and then on 'Run', and browsing to the RedTitan folder or by typing the full path followed by the words UNZIP 07000398.RTZ and pressing Enter. The full command is of the form:
c:\redtitan\software\rtunzip unzip 07000398.rtz
N.B. If you saved the RTZ file to another folder you will have to specify the full path of the rtz file.

b)The PC ID that you gave us is that of a different computer. EscapeE is licensed to run only on that PC.

c) You have an old version of EscapeE which requires a slightly different licence. This is likely to be the problem if your version dates from before 17th July 2001. If you run EscapeE and click on 'Help' then 'About', it shows you the version number; if this is earlier than 5.11 it is best to download a later version from our web site at or you can request an old-style licence file from