Compressed files generated for older "level 2" PostScript printers will work on the newer PostScript "level 3" printers. These PostScript 3 printers accept more efficient methods of compression (e.g. Flate) than PostScript level 2 and so even smaller files may be generated, but these files may not be usable by PostScript level 2 printers.

The PostScript language encompasses the specification of fonts. There are several 'types' of PostScript fonts: see below.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textPostScript font types

type 1

The original PostScript outline font.
Converted to OpenType in EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE.

type 2

Type1 format updated to a more compact form.
Converted to OpenType in EscapeE.

type 3

'User-defined' fonts – fonts sourced from documents. The characters in bitmapped fonts can be recognized as text, but those in vector drawn fonts cannot.

type 4

Cartridge fonts: converted to OpenType in EscapeE.

type 42

Converted to TrueType in EscapeE.

type 0

These are fonts constructed from characters extracted from other fonts. A type 0 font may contain characters used in Western fonts (8-bit, e.g. Roman), Eastern fonts (larger, e.g. Chinese) or a mixture of the two. EscapeE works with the component fonts directly.