RS/2 RedTitan Script 2
POLY2.RS2 demonstrates the flexibility of this interface. 11
// REDTITAN RS2 CONTROL L:=[]; n:=5; // the number of elements for i:=1 to (2+((n*3)*2)) do // plus a coordinate pair for the start if odd(i) then list_add(L,i*150) // add an X coordinate else list_add(L,random(1200)+1200); // and then a random Y pen(100); colour(255,240,240); curve(L); pen(5); colour(0,0,255); polyline(L); count:=0; for i:=0 to pred(length(L)) do if odd(i) then begin if (count mod 3)=0 then text(list_numbers(L,i-1)-20,list_numbers(L,i)+25,#$25cf) else text(list_numbers(L,i-1)-35,list_numbers(L,i)+35,#$263c); inc(count); end; if paramstr(1)='1000' then halt(1);