RS/2 RedTitan Script 2
The COL object provides similar functionality to DDF (BLANK, BREAK). The HEIGHT property lets paragraphs be easily "stacked" 13
COL_FONTSelect a font size and face for the next text elementcol_font(cx,12,'Tahoma');
COL_STYLEChoose a font style for the next text element (Bold,Italic)col_style(cx,'');
COL_BREAKAdd a line breakcol_break(cx);
COL_BLANKAdd a number of blank linescol_blank(cx,2);
COL_HEIGHTGet height of composed column h:=col_height(cx);
COL_COUNTGet the number of lines in the composed column ln:=col_count(cx);
COL_LEADINGAdd intra-line spacing col_leading(cx,3);