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There is no need to re-engineer host applications if you want to use barcodes. The EscapeE barcode plug-in will work with any PCL/HPGL print file. Just mark-up the fields containing the barcode data and EscapeE will rewrite the document complete with the barcode ready for printing.

  • Any print file using PCL/HPGL.
  • No programming required
  • Extracts data directly from the page.
  • Writes barcode back to the print file.
  • Any number of pages - Automatic - fast - error free

The British Post Office 4 state code is used to encode the Post Code (The UK equivalent of a ZIP code). It is used by automated sorting equipment. It has some limited acceptance in other European countries. The U.S. PostNet uses a pattern of 4 short or tall (2 states) bars to encode digits. BPO uses four states - tall, short or medium bars extending upwards and a medium size bar extending downwards.

BPO 4 state code
In a typical postal address printing application the Post Code is the last line of the address. This may be reproduced by the EscapeE plug-in directly. In this example the Post Code also contains the optional delivery "walk code". As this may not be part of the readable label the EscapeE plug-in is used to remove the original field in the finished address.

The BPO 4 State code has a fixed height and width.
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