Open EscapeE and:

Click Manage certificates on thethe Security options page of the EscapeE PDF export configuration dialog.

This opens EEcerts certificate management dialog. Then:

1.Select the location of the certificate from the Stores list on the left. For most users this is the "My" store, but large organizations are likely to use a custom store instead.
2.A table of all the certificates found in the selected 'Store' is displayed in the center panel. Click on a row to select that certificate: a summary of the selected certificate's properties are shown in the lower panel.
oProfiles for encrypting documents do not need a private key: choose one with N in the 'Private key' column.
oProfiles for signing documents do need a private key: choose one with Y in the 'Private key' column. The summary displays a key icon to indicate that you have a private key corresponding to that certificate.
You may click Details to display information on the associated private key.
3.Click New profile to display the 'RedTitan PKCS and encryption' dialog.
4.Enter a name for the new Profile in the upper edit box. It may contain up to 50 alphanumeric characters; punctuation and space characters are not acceptable.
oYou may also enter a Comment in the lower edit box similarly.
5.Click OK.
The profile is created and added to the Profile list at the bottom of the right-hand panel.
6.Exit EEcerts by clicking title-bar button or
select Close from the title-bar drop-down menu or
click Alt + F4.

The new profile's name will now be shown in the 'Profile' column of that certificate's row of the table. It will also be available for selection from the drop-down list on the EscapeE Security options page.