Open EscapeE and:

Click Manage certificates on the Security options page of the EscapeE PDF export configuration dialog.

This opens EEcerts certificate management dialog. Then:

1.Click Recipient list button at the foot of the (right-hand) 'Profiles' panel to display the 'edit recipient lists' dialog.
2.Click New list button at the foot of the left-hand panel to display the 'RedTitan PKCS and encryption' dialog.
3.Enter a List name in the upper edit box. It may contain up to 50 alphanumeric characters; punctuation and space characters are not acceptable.
oYou may also enter a Comment in the lower edit box.
4.Click OK.
The new recipient list name is added to the (left-hand) 'Recipient lists' panel.
5.For each recipient to be included in the recipient list:
oTick the check-box for a profile from the upper central panel or
oClick Add file and select the appropriate identity certificate (a .CER, .P7B or .P7C format file) from your standard 'Open' dialog.

The attributes of the selected file or profile are shown in the panel on the right; click Details to display further information on the certificate.

6.When all recipients required have been added, click Save list.


To check an encrypted document, include your own identity certificate in a recipient list. You will then be able to see exactly the same document as the other recipients.