About RS/2

RS/2 ("RedTitan Script Two") is part of the EscapeE Software Development Kit. It is the lightweight scripting language, based on Pascal, which provides RedTitan EscapeE with dynamic document features and extended field processing.

Three versions are available:





EVALUATE.EEP must exist in the PLUGINS sub-directory of the ESCAPEE.EXE software folder.

Configured using EscapeE FIELD-ADVANCED. The evaluate plug-in will engage an RS/2 program (or a simple expression) to process a field.


RTRS2IN.DLL is co-located with ESCAPEE.EXE in the software folder.

EscapeE uses this filter to read and execute RS/2 programs (*.RS2) or the content of an RS/2 element in IDF.


RS2.EXE can be in any directory in the path.

RS2.EXE is a freestanding compiler and runtime system that can be used to execute RS/2 programs that do not require EscapeE capabilities. It is launched from the command line.

You can use RS/2 to dynamically create a new file by combining other resources, testing fields or processing disk files. An RS/2 program is a 'first class' EscapeE file – you can export the output to any supported format just like any other file.

EscapeE drawing capabilities can be accessed from an RS/2 program: see RS/2 syntax.