When forming a Booklet, up to four clip-regions are placed on each sheet of paper, two on each side. If the clips' orientations are portrait then the Booklet should be printed in Landscape and vice versa. EscapeE rotates, scales and places the clips on the sheets such that, when folded, they read like a book. The default Scale factor is 0.7071 – the optimal value for 'A' series papers. For example, A4 paper folds into an A5-size booklet. In the special case of a two-page booklet, both pages would be printed beside each other on one side of a single sheet (in effect 'simplex').

Example Booklet imageIn this example, a 7-page portrait booklet is constructed from two landscape sheets of paper, folded in half. The paper is always printed in duplex, so that the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th pages are on the 'back' of the sheets (there is no 8th page, so its half-sheet is blank).