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EscapeE version

Viewer Edition

Transformer Edition

Batch Automation


Professional Edition

View PCL5, PCL6, PCL3GUI and HPGL.

View PDF.

View multi-page TIFF

Print sub-sets with page numbering.

Bookmark pages.

Page limits

1 to 5000 pages

1 to 5000 pages

1 to 5000 pages

no limit

Command line and automation options

user interactive

command line options

single named file

spooling and directory scanning

with wildcard filenames

Note In the Batch Transformer and Professional versions all the program functions can be controlled from command line switches. The Command line execution feature will act as an API to client systems.

The Transformer version is NOT suitable for automated document production

Create PDF with data compression, security and form filling

Export to Postscript, TIFF, PNG, HTML and image formats

Mark-up and recover text in CSV, XML and plain formats.

Create composite PCL, PDF and image documents

TCP/IP integration and LPR output.

Print to AFPDS or Xerox Metacode. (priced separately)

Plug-in options

Barcode impositions

Add barcodes from page text data. Includes PDF417, Datamatrix, and all UPC/EAN types.

Move and add text

Dynamically move or color part of a document

Add image

Add graphics or watermarks to the document