EscapeE configuration symbols

The default configuration is stored in a number of environment symbols which will normally be set from the program's configuration or main (export) menus.

Most of these symbols are stored in the [PCLVIEW] section of the RT.INI file and have the same names as the corresponding command-line option. For example



The following symbols are in the main [REDTITAN] section of the RT.INI file:


The path to the RedTitan folder containing folders such as Software, e.g. c:\Program files\Redtitan\


Set the language version of EscapeE:

33 = French
34 = Spanish
44 = English
49 = German
55 = Portuguese.


The path to the library root folder containing folders such as Macros.


The folder in which the downloaded fonts will be stored.


The folder where the resident fonts are stored.


The folder in which macros are stored.


Defines the filename a specific character recognition database to be used by EEfonts iconEEfonts, e.g.


See also /OPTIONS command line option.

Blue diamond bullet Technical notes

If any errors are encountered in the RT.INI file, EscapeE logs the date, time and details in a file named escapee.log in the Windows® temporary folder (normally C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp). See also /INILOG.

If the /INI option is specified and the REDTITAN symbol is not found, EscapeE sets up the REDTITAN symbol in WIN.INI if it can write to it, otherwise in the Registry KEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\REDTITAN\REDTITAN or else HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE