HPfonts program

The HPFONTS program manipulates PCL download font files.  It takes in one or more files containing download fonts and either concatenates them or separates them into individual fonts. Items such as form feeds and line feeds that should not be there are omitted and a log created as the output is produced.

The syntax is:

HPFONTS input_specification output_name options

where input_specification can be:

a single file name,
a wildcarded spec or
a ^^list_of_files
This is a file containing a list of (possibly wildcarded) file names, one per line.

and options can be:


If the file already exists then create a new file by appending # followed by a number.


To assign a new ID to each font, starting at the specified number.


Splits into files using the number of the font within the file in the output_name.


Splits into files using the font ID in the output_name.


Splits into files using the font name in the output_name.