RedTitan EscapeE
IDF syntax

IDF is a means of describing the structure of a composite document to the EscapeE print file conversion resources system. A complete document can be assembled from a number of fragments in any of the supported EscapeE formats. EscapeE wizards write the code for their documents in IDF.

XML 1.0 notation is used to describe document content. IDF uses a simple tree structure where each branch is a tag or an array of tags. Leading and trailing "whitespace" in body text is removed. The intrinsic space character entity   may be used to preserve "whitespace" in these positions.

See Notes on IDF syntax for details on positioning, sizing and drawing; about text and data fields in IDF.
The pieces of material which go to make up the page(s) of an IDF document are known as "elements". There are a variety of elements, each suited to a different function, e.g. writing text, extracting clippings from files. See IDF elements for their descriptions.
IDF attributes describes the parameters set up in the elements, such as position or color. There is no significance in the ordering of attributes. Where appropriate, the attributes of container elements are used as defaults for nested elements; nesting may be up to 8 levels deep.
Example scripts demonstrating the use of IDF are given in the Sample IDF scripts section.