Clip-regions may be formatted into columns within each page.

On the Composite document wizard, select a layout from the drop-down list:
o1 column
o2 columns
o3 columns
o4 columns

2 sheet x 3 column simplex exampleMulti-column pages are normally filled by placing one clip-region after the other down the left-hand column to the foot of the sheet then continuing in the next column to the right. A new sheet is started when there is not enough room at the foot of the right-hand column to fit in the next clip-region. (E.g. news-sheet.)

2 sheet x 3 column simplex interleaved exampleAlternatively, the columns may be Interleaved. This allows the sheaf of sheets to be cut into single-column stacks of single-column pages in page-number order. EscapeE calculates the total number of columns in the document and formats the clip-regions such that left-hand column of every page would be filled before starting the next column on the first page. (E.g. long list of items.)