Choose PDF/A document output format from the Options|Configuration dialog (f8) then click the Options... button on the 'General' page, or
Choose PDF/A document format from the File|Export dialog (Ctrl E) – see PDF/A document file export then click PDF options...
Click Apply to accept the 'Options' page configuration.
EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE resumes displaying the 'General' page or
the Export dialog.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo set options for PDF/A export
1.In 'PDF options' panel:
oTick Use data compression to compress output files, or clear the box to export files uncompressed. See also JPEG compression options.
oSelect Combine text strings together to store text as longer phrases to improve searching, see Text options.
oYou may choose to Render all but text as graphic or Render as graphic, (and optionally, Include text as well as the graphic too): see Text options.
oSelect include TrueType fonts to include any TrueType font, downloaded in the original PCL file, in the exported PDF file. Using TrueType (i.e. scalable outline) fonts usually results in better appearance than bitmapped fonts, but may have adverse effects on the file size if only a few characters from a font are used. If this box is not checked then by default such fonts are converted to bitmap fonts.
oThe omit blank pages option may be ticked as required, for example when exporting a document which is to be viewed on screen (not printed) from a duplex original.
2.To restrict the capabilities for general users select one of the 'Do not allow' options:
oChanging the document
oAdding or changing notes and form fields
oSelecting text and graphics.
3.Set the 'Resolution' for line drawing and images and for text positioning: 300dpi or 600dpi.
4.To digitally sign a PDF/A document, click Security options...: see Security options for PDF export.
5.Depending on the way opaque and transparent elements have been layered in a document (e.g. shading), it may be advisable to select graphic elements first or keep original element order; see also Text options.
6.Tick Export PJL comments to include any PJL comments and JOB commands in the output.
7.To assemble a list of fields to be used as a 'Table of Contents' for the document, click the Contents... button: see PDF Table of Contents.
8.Click the More... button to set further PDF/A options; see More options for PDF export.
9.Click OK.

In addition, when you have finished setting up the options, you may also choose to create a Shortcut icon that uses all the options you have set by clicking Shortcut... (see Shortcuts - the easy way to construct a command line) or click the Save button to retain these settings after you close the program.

Blue diamond bullet Notes

Double-byte fonts, such as currency symbols, Chinese characters and box-drawing characters, are rendered as graphics.

Security options enable PDF/A documents to be digitally signed using Certificates but not or encrypted or password protected (unlike PDF documents).