EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE may be run and controlled from an external program such as EEview 'ee' iconEEview using the /PIPE command.

When calling EscapeE from another program the /X option must be specified to cause EscapeE to exit after processing the specified file(s). For example:
c:\redtitan\software\escapee.exe d:\data\myfile1234.pcl /pdf /x
calls EscapeE, converts myfile1234.pcl to PDF format then exits EscapeE.
Return codes can be obtained using the Windows GetExitCodeProcess call. The code is normally zero; non-zero codes indicate errors, see Error return codes. If error(s) occur when running in continuous mode or when the /X option is supplied, they are noted in an error-log file, see Command line option /ERRORLOG.
To suppress the reporting of return codes that would not affect your program adversely, use Command line option /ERROROK.