Setting options for IPDS export

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Options are set up on the 'Advanced' page of the Configuration dialogue for that format:
either choose IPDS format from the Options|Configuration|General dialogue (f8) then click the Advanced... button,
or click IPDS options... from the File|Export dialogue (ctrl + E), see Exporting files to IPDS forms.

To set options for IPDS export

1.If you would like to reduce the document size select use data compression.
2.If you would like to store text as longer phrases (to improve searching) select combine text strings together.
3.Select render as graphic or select render all but text as graphic or neither of these options: see notes below.
4.Select keep original element order if the document has ordered elements which may overwrite text or lines.
5.Enter the number of the input tray on the PCL printer (or use the spin-box) and the number of the input tray to be used by the IPDS printer instead. Do this for each tray used in the document.
6.Enter the number of the output bin on the PCL printer (or use the spin-box) and the number of the output bin to be used by the IPDS printer instead. Do this for each bin used in the document.

In addition, when you have finished setting up the options, you may also choose to create a Shortcut icon that uses all the options you have set by clicking Shortcut... (see Shortcuts - the easy way to construct a command line) or Click the Save button to retain these settings after you close the program.


The module to export in IBM IPDS protocol must be specially installed; contact for more information.

IPDS printers can use their own built-in mechanisms to generate the text, drawing and image elements of a document from a relatively small file of IPDS instructions. Different printers, however, may render the document differently from the original. EscapeE copes with this by offering three options  If it is imperative that the document is reproduced exactly, ticking the 'Render as graphic' box will remove any uncertainty in the faithfulness of the output, at the expense of a much bigger file. Ticking the 'Render all but text as graphic' option will ensure that only the graphic elements are reproduced exactly, so the output file is of intermediate size. If the file is essentially a simple text document rather than a piece of artwork, you may leave both of these options blank and rely on the IPDS printer's mechanisms.

Valid numbers for IPDS input trays and output bins are 0 - 255.