Setting options for XPS export

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Options are set up on the 'Advanced' page of the Configuration dialogue for that format:
either choose XPS document from the Options|Configuration|General dialogue (f8) then click the Advanced... button,
or click XPS options... from the File|Export dialogue (ctrl + E), see Exporting files to XPS.

To set options for XPS export

1.Select Use data compression to use Flate compression to reduce the document size.
2.Select Combine text strings together to store text as longer phrases to improve searching.
3.Select Render as graphic or Render all but text as graphic. An XPS file may be rendered as a graphic only or as a graphic with text. The 'graphic only' option will produce an accurate image from the file, including an image of the text, but cannot be used for extracting text for further processing. Exporting the file as 'graphic with text' retains the text features (e.g. search) and consumes less memory, but cannot be used with bitmapped fonts.
4.The Omit blank pages option may be ticked as required, for example when exporting a document which is to be viewed on screen (not printed) from a duplex original.
5.Select Keep original element order if the document has ordered opaque elements (e.g. shading) to overwrite text or lines.
6.Click Apply.

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