The 'Text' dialog is used for adding page numbers and "more" text to the pages of clippings, see File pages table.

1.Enter the text in the window (standard editing options such as cut, copy and paste may be used).
oFor page-numbering use a # character to indicate the insertion point for the digits, e.g. page #.
2.Click Font... to display a standard Font dialog and set up the font (family, style etc.) to be used for the number string.
3.Select an Alignment option...
oTop Left
oTop centre
oTop Right
oAlternate Top Left/Right
oBottom Left  (the default page numbering option)
oBottom centre
oBottom Right
oAlternate Bottom Left/Right or
oNone (the default for switching off page-numbering).
4.... relative to one these Bounds areas:
oPrintable area or
oleave blank (the default).
5.Click OK.
The dialog closes and returns to the Composite document wizard.