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Store and Forward Spooler

pcl pad RedTitan Enterprise Queue (nQ) is a spooling system based on the Windows PC platform. Easily interfaced to host applications, nQ acts as a batch control system for automatic data processing.

The system is designed for low impact implementation and can be easily integrated with mainframe, unix, mac or windows host systems.

RedTitan dynamic document formatting, transforms or legacy data conversion software are run automatically.

pcl pad
  • Printer load balancing.
  • Duplication in multiple formats
  • Sequential process management
  • TCP/IP interfaces
  • FTP
  • HTTP (Web browser upload)
  • NTFS scanning
  • SNMP sensing
Remote control
  • Web browser interface
  • Easily customised in HTML
  • Low deployment overhead
Incoming jobs are analysed using a "rules based" forwarding system.
  • Job attributes derived from LPR control data
  • Data content
  • User defined plugin
Spooler functional overview Output may be sent directly to a printer or held for electronic distribution
  • Emailed as attachment
  • Published on web site
  • SMS Gateway

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