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IVR release

RedTitan EscapeE can recover data directly from your print file to automate your online presence!
We take print data and reformat for online services
IVR release
Convince a customer to use online self service and you save on infrastructure costs!
Despite the tyranny of PIN numbers, passwords and fraud the public does not need much convincing. About 50% of European and U.S. households have access to the Internet and most of them now welcome online banking with open arms - the incentive is often better account rates.
The challenge for business is to provide an attractive secure online service and still make savings on the traditional call center and mail model - difficult for low value transactions.
How do I get my data online? "The business often has the answer already in their hands!" - claims RedTitan COO David Hunt, "We can take the monthly print run and re-purpose it as electronic documents, like PDF. This data can be distributed on a secure web site or sent via emai".
What about our customers that have no Internet access? "Easy for low volume stuff! Publish the same data using our Interactive Voice Response telephone server"
This approach makes sense. Often, the print files still have to be made and archived for regulatory reasons. Using the unique RedTitan suite, you can minimise disruption to the regular back office processes and make large savings on reprogramming costs.
It's that easy!
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