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Arial Unicode MS

pcl pad TrueType PCLT information

NO PCL Table information

TrueType PCL T - The TrueType PCLT entries contain information that may be used on PCL printers. Most of the newer TrueType fonts have this information defined.

UNICODE - The table shows which characters are available in the Arial Unicode MS font. See the appropriate PCL Symbolset tables for examples of the glyphs. You can find more information on UNICODE on the UNICODE character database web site.

PCL SymbolSet information is only useful when a limited number characters is available. In this case the PCL Symbolset specifies which character codes may be used.

PCL Typeface should be used to in the PCL font selection sequence T code. Note that the PCL driver may not make use of scalable fonts installed on the PC.

pcl pad
pcl pad
pcl pad

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Font Arial Unicode MS unicode coverage...

Unicode segmentRangeNumber and list of characters present
Basic LatinU+0000..U+007F95. 0020-007E
Latin-1 SupplementU+0080..U+00FF96. 00A0-00FE
Latin Extended-AU+0100..U+017F128. 0100-017E
Latin Extended-BU+0180..U+024F148. 0180-01F5 01FA-0217
IPA ExtensionsU+0250..U+02AF89. 0250-02A8
Spacing Modifier LettersU+02B0..U+02FF58. 02B0-02DE 02E0-02E9
Combining Diacritical MarksU+0300..U+036F73. 0300-0345 035F-0361
GreekU+0370..U+03FF105. 0374 0375 037A 037E 0384-038A 038C 038E-03A1 03A3-03CE 03D0-03D6 03DA 03DC 03DE 03E0 03E2-03F3
CyrillicU+0400..U+04FF226. 0401-040C 040E-044F 0451-045C 045E-0486 0490-04C4 04C7 04C8 04CB 04CC 04D0-04EB 04EE-04F5 04F8 04F9
ArmenianU+0530..U+058F85. 0531-0556 0559-055F 0561-0587 0589
HebrewU+0590..U+05FF82. 0591-05A1 05A3-05B9 05BB-05C4 05D0-05EA 05F0-05F4
ArabicU+0600..U+06FF194. 060C 061B 061F 0621-063A 0640-0652 0660-066D 0670-06B7 06BA-06BE 06C0-06CE 06D0-06ED 06F0-06F9
DevanagariU+0900..U+097F104. 0901-0903 0905-0939 093C-094D 0950-0954 0958-0970
BengaliU+0980..U+09FF89. 0981-0983 0985-098C 098F 0990 0993-09A8 09AA-09B0 09B2 09B6-09B9 09BC 09BE-09C4 09C7 09C8 09CB-09CD 09D7 09DC 09DD 09DF-09E3 09E6-09FA
GurmukhiU+0A00..U+0A7F75. 0A02 0A05-0A0A 0A0F 0A10 0A13-0A28 0A2A-0A30 0A32 0A33 0A35 0A36 0A38 0A39 0A3C 0A3E-0A42 0A47 0A48 0A4B-0A4D 0A59-0A5C 0A5E 0A66-0A74
GujaratiU+0A80..U+0AFF78. 0A81-0A83 0A85-0A8B 0A8D 0A8F-0A91 0A93-0AA8 0AAA-0AB0 0AB2 0AB3 0AB5-0AB9 0ABC-0AC5 0AC7-0AC9 0ACB-0ACD 0AD0 0AE0 0AE6-0AEF
OriyaU+0B00..U+0B7F79. 0B01-0B03 0B05-0B0C 0B0F 0B10 0B13-0B28 0B2A-0B30 0B32 0B33 0B36-0B39 0B3C-0B43 0B47 0B48 0B4B-0B4D 0B56 0B57 0B5C 0B5D 0B5F-0B61 0B66-0B70
TamilU+0B80..U+0BFF61. 0B82 0B83 0B85-0B8A 0B8E-0B90 0B92-0B95 0B99 0B9A 0B9C 0B9E 0B9F 0BA3 0BA4 0BA8-0BAA 0BAE-0BB5 0BB7-0BB9 0BBE-0BC2 0BC6-0BC8 0BCA-0BCD 0BD7 0BE7-0BF2
TeluguU+0C00..U+0C7F80. 0C01-0C03 0C05-0C0C 0C0E-0C10 0C12-0C28 0C2A-0C33 0C35-0C39 0C3E-0C44 0C46-0C48 0C4A-0C4D 0C55 0C56 0C60 0C61 0C66-0C6F
KannadaU+0C80..U+0CFF80. 0C82 0C83 0C85-0C8C 0C8E-0C90 0C92-0CA8 0CAA-0CB3 0CB5-0CB9 0CBE-0CC4 0CC6-0CC8 0CCA-0CCD 0CD5 0CD6 0CDE 0CE0 0CE1 0CE6-0CEF
MalayalamU+0D00..U+0D7F78. 0D02 0D03 0D05-0D0C 0D0E-0D10 0D12-0D28 0D2A-0D39 0D3E-0D43 0D46-0D48 0D4A-0D4D 0D57 0D60 0D61 0D66-0D6F
ThaiU+0E00..U+0E7F87. 0E01-0E3A 0E3F-0E5B
LaoU+0E80..U+0EFF65. 0E81 0E82 0E84 0E87 0E88 0E8A 0E8D 0E94-0E97 0E99-0E9F 0EA1-0EA3 0EA5 0EA7 0EAA 0EAB 0EAD-0EB9 0EBB-0EBD 0EC0-0EC4 0EC6 0EC8-0ECD 0ED0-0ED9 0EDC 0EDD
TibetanU+0F00..U+0FFF168. 0F00-0F47 0F49-0F69 0F71-0F8B 0F90-0F95 0F97 0F99-0FAD 0FB1-0FB7 0FB9
GeorgianU+10A0..U+10FF78. 10A0-10C5 10D0-10F6 10FB
Hangul JamoU+1100..U+11FF240. 1100-1159 115F-11A2 11A8-11F9
Latin Extended AdditionalU+1E00..U+1EFF246. 1E00-1E9B 1EA0-1EF9
Greek ExtendedU+1F00..U+1FFF233. 1F00-1F15 1F18-1F1D 1F20-1F45 1F48-1F4D 1F50-1F57 1F59 1F5B 1F5D 1F5F-1F7D 1F80-1FB4 1FB6-1FC4 1FC6-1FD3 1FD6-1FDB 1FDD-1FEF 1FF2-1FF4 1FF6-1FFE
General PunctuationU+2000..U+206F63. 2000-200D 2010-2029 2030-2046
Superscripts and SubscriptsU+2070..U+209F28. 2070 2074-208E
Currency SymbolsU+20A0..U+20CF13. 20A0-20AC
Combining Marks for SymbolsU+20D0..U+20FF18. 20D0-20E1
Letterlike SymbolsU+2100..U+214F57. 2100-2138
Number FormsU+2150..U+218F48. 2153-2182
ArrowsU+2190..U+21FF91. 2190-21EA
Mathematical OperatorsU+2200..U+22FF242. 2200-22F1
Miscellaneous TechnicalU+2300..U+23FF122. 2300 2302-237A
Control PicturesU+2400..U+243F37. 2400-2424
Optical Character RecognitionU+2440..U+245F11. 2440-244A
Enclosed AlphanumericsU+2460..U+24FF139. 2460-24EA
Box DrawingU+2500..U+257F128. 2500-257E
Block ElementsU+2580..U+259F22. 2580-2595
Geometric ShapesU+25A0..U+25FF80. 25A0-25EF
Miscellaneous SymbolsU+2600..U+26FF106. 2600-2613 261A-266F
DingbatsU+2700..U+27BF160. 2701-2704 2706-2709 270C-2727 2729-274B 274D 274F-2752 2756 2758-275E 2761-2767 2776-2794 2798-27AF 27B1-27BE
CJK Symbols and PunctuationU+3000..U+303F57. 3000-3037
HiraganaU+3040..U+309F90. 3041-3094 3099-309E
KatakanaU+30A0..U+30FF94. 30A1-30FE
BopomofoU+3100..U+312F40. 3105-312C
Hangul Compatibility JamoU+3130..U+318F94. 3131-318E
KanbunU+3190..U+319F16. 3190-319E
Enclosed CJK Letters and MonthsU+3200..U+32FF202. 3200-321C 3220-3243 3260-327B 327F-32B0 32C0-32CB 32D0-32FE
CJK CompatibilityU+3300..U+33FF249. 3300-3376 337B-33DD 33E0-33FE
CJK Unified IdeographsU+4E00..U+9FFF20902. 4E00-9FA5
Hangul SyllablesU+AC00..U+D7A311172. AC00-D7A2
Private UseU+E000..U+F8FF36. E801-E805 F001 F002 F700-F71A F71C F71D
CJK Compatibility IdeographsU+F900..U+FAFF302. F900-FA2D
Alphabetic Presentation FormsU+FB00..U+FB4F57. FB00-FB06 FB13-FB17 FB1E-FB36 FB38-FB3C FB3E FB40 FB41 FB43 FB44 FB46-FB4E
Arabic Presentation Forms-AU+FB50..U+FDFF593. FB50-FBB1 FBD3-FD3F FD50-FD8F FD92-FDC7 FDF0-FDFB
Combining Half MarksU+FE20..U+FE2F4. FE20-FE23
CJK Compatibility FormsU+FE30..U+FE4F28. FE30-FE44 FE49-FE4E
Small Form VariantsU+FE50..U+FE6F26. FE50-FE52 FE54-FE66 FE68-FE6B
Arabic Presentation Forms-BU+FE70..U+FEFE139. FE70-FE72 FE74 FE76-FEFC
Halfwidth and Fullwidth FormsU+FF00..U+FFEF223. FF01-FF5E FF61-FFBE FFC2-FFC7 FFCA-FFCF FFD2-FFD7 FFDA-FFDC FFE0-FFE6 FFE8-FFEE
Total number of character glyphs defined in font "Arial Unicode MS"38911

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