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pcl pad TrueType PCLT information

Vendor code
PCL TypeFace number0
PCL Symbolsetunbound
Typeface nameDauphin Plain
File name
Width typeUltra Compressed
Serif type Sans Serif Square
Serif style Sans Serif/Monoline

TrueType PCL T - The TrueType PCLT entries contain information that may be used on PCL printers. Most of the newer TrueType fonts have this information defined.

UNICODE - The table shows which characters are available in the Dauphin font. See the appropriate PCL Symbolset tables for examples of the glyphs. You can find more information on UNICODE on the UNICODE character database web site.

PCL SymbolSet information is only useful when a limited number characters is available. In this case the PCL Symbolset specifies which character codes may be used.

PCL Typeface should be used to in the PCL font selection sequence T code. Note that the PCL driver may not make use of scalable fonts installed on the PC.

pcl pad
pcl pad
pcl pad

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Font Dauphin unicode coverage...

Unicode segmentRangeNumber and list of characters present
Basic LatinU+0000..U+007F95. 0020-007E
Latin-1 SupplementU+0080..U+00FF78. 00A1-00A3 00A5-00AC 00AE 00B1 00B4-00B7 00BA 00BB 00BF-00CF 00D1-00D6 00D8-00DD 00DF-00EF 00F1-00F6 00F8-00FD
Latin Extended-AU+0100..U+017F3. 0131 0152 0153
Latin Extended-BU+0180..U+024F1. 0192
Spacing Modifier LettersU+02B0..U+02FF3. 02C6 02DA 02DC
General PunctuationU+2000..U+206F8. 2013 2014 2018 2019 201C 201D 2020 2026
Letterlike SymbolsU+2100..U+214F1. 2122
Total number of character glyphs defined in font "Dauphin"189

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