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Microsoft Sans Serif

pcl pad TrueType PCLT information

NO PCL Table information

TrueType PCL T - The TrueType PCLT entries contain information that may be used on PCL printers. Most of the newer TrueType fonts have this information defined.

UNICODE - The table shows which characters are available in the Microsoft Sans Serif font. See the appropriate PCL Symbolset tables for examples of the glyphs. You can find more information on UNICODE on the UNICODE character database web site.

PCL SymbolSet information is only useful when a limited number characters is available. In this case the PCL Symbolset specifies which character codes may be used.

PCL Typeface should be used to in the PCL font selection sequence T code. Note that the PCL driver may not make use of scalable fonts installed on the PC.

pcl pad
pcl pad
pcl pad

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Font Microsoft Sans Serif unicode coverage...

Unicode segmentRangeNumber and list of characters present
Basic LatinU+0000..U+007F95. 0020-007E
Latin-1 SupplementU+0080..U+00FF96. 00A0-00FE
Latin Extended-AU+0100..U+017F128. 0100-017E
Latin Extended-BU+0180..U+024F179. 0180-0220 0222-0233
IPA ExtensionsU+0250..U+02AF94. 0250-02AD
Spacing Modifier LettersU+02B0..U+02FF9. 02C6 02C7 02C9 02D8-02DD
Combining Diacritical MarksU+0300..U+036F82. 0300-034E 0360-0362
GreekU+0370..U+03FF112. 037E 0384-038A 038C 038E-03A1 03A3-03CE 03D0-03F6
CyrillicU+0400..U+04FF246. 0400-0486 0488-04CE 04D0-04F5 04F8 04F9
HebrewU+0590..U+05FF52. 05B0-05C3 05D0-05EA 05F0-05F4
ArabicU+0600..U+06FF208. 060C 061B 061F 0621-063A 0640-0655 0660-06ED 06F0-06FE
ThaiU+0E00..U+0E7F87. 0E01-0E3A 0E3F-0E5B
Latin Extended AdditionalU+1E00..U+1EFF246. 1E00-1E9B 1EA0-1EF9
Greek ExtendedU+1F00..U+1FFF233. 1F00-1F15 1F18-1F1D 1F20-1F45 1F48-1F4D 1F50-1F57 1F59 1F5B 1F5D 1F5F-1F7D 1F80-1FB4 1FB6-1FC4 1FC6-1FD3 1FD6-1FDB 1FDD-1FEF 1FF2-1FF4 1FF6-1FFE
General PunctuationU+2000..U+206F27. 200C-200F 2013-2015 2017-201E 2020-2022 2026 2030 2032 2033 2039 203A 203C 203E 2044
Superscripts and SubscriptsU+2070..U+209F1. 207F
Currency SymbolsU+20A0..U+20CF16. 20A0-20AF
Letterlike SymbolsU+2100..U+214F6. 2105 2113 2116 2122 2126 212E
Number FormsU+2150..U+218F4. 215B-215E
Mathematical OperatorsU+2200..U+22FF14. 2202 2206 220F 2211 2212 2215 2219 221A 221E 222B 2248 2260 2264 2265
Geometric ShapesU+25A0..U+25FF6. 25A1 25AA 25AB 25CA 25CF 25E6
Miscellaneous SymbolsU+2600..U+26FF1. 266F
Private UseU+E000..U+F8FF47. E801-E805 F001 F002 F004-F00F F700-F71A F71D
Alphabetic Presentation FormsU+FB00..U+FB4F39. FB01 FB02 FB1D-FB20 FB2A-FB36 FB38-FB3C FB3E FB40 FB41 FB43 FB44 FB46-FB4E
Arabic Presentation Forms-AU+FB50..U+FDFF131. FB50-FBB1 FBD3-FBE7 FBFC-FBFF FC5E-FC62 FD3E FD3F FDF2
Arabic Presentation Forms-BU+FE70..U+FEFE125. FE80-FEFC
SpecialsU+FFF0..U+FFFF1. FFFC
Total number of character glyphs defined in font "Microsoft Sans Serif"2285

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