Adding fonts to the library database

Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo add a font to the library
1.Select a font from the 'Windows fonts' list.
2.Select either Outlines or Bitmaps or the specified sizes. See also About outlines and bitmaps.
3.If you selected Bitmaps then check that the list of point sizes is appropriate (it takes several seconds and occupies several kbytes of library file for each size added).
If you selected Scalable the point-sizes are grayed-out as this information is superfluous.
4.Click on the Add button to add the selected fonts to the library. See also Style options and Database options.
Note that this process may take several seconds per font.

If the option Export a database for each font has been selected then in addition to updating the master library in TTLIB.RTK, EEfonts will create one ".RTK" file in the Library for each font specified.

A font can be added to a library on a different PC by transferring its TTK file to the PC and using the Browse button in EEfonts on that PC to add it to the library. The point of this is that the library only contains a digital signature of each character, not the actual outline, so no copyright is infringed by copying the file.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textIf you have fonts stored elsewhere on your computer which are to be added:
1.Click Browse.
2.Select the required font file from the 'Fonts' dialog.
3.Click Open.
Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo remove a font from the library

Select the font in the right-hand window and click on the Remove button.