To edit characters in the character codes window:

Select a character by clicking on it or select a range of characters by clicking on the first of a range, holding down the Shift key, and clicking on the last character in the range. The selected characters are shown highlighted on a blue background.
To unselect any selected character(s) click the Unselect button.
To move character(s) hold down the mouse button and drag the selected character(s) to the new location in the table before releasing the button. If there is a glyph assigned to the character code already, the codes are exchanged and the two glyphs swap places (see also 'To restore' below). When moving a range of characters, the position of the mouse when the button is released determines the location for the first character of the selected range.
To copy character(s), hold down the Ctrl key then drag the selected character(s) to new location as above.
To restore character codes to their previous values, select the character location(s) then click Restore.
To delete characters, select them then click the Delete button. Only characters at the selected locations are deleted: if there are duplicates of characters elsewhere in the table at unselected locations, they will remain in the font.

When you have finished rearranging the character codes, click OK. EEfonts then continues with the process of adding a downloaded bitmap font to the database.


To exit the dialog without applying any changes, click the Cancel button.

The Save RFF option is usually used only for specialist purposes and normally need not be ticked.