'ee' EEview iconEEview may be configured to display two files – 'Twin view', or up to four files – 'Quad view' (see Twin/Quad view).

1.Run 'ee' EEview iconEEview: a standard 'Open' dialog is shown.
oselect one file or
ohold down the Shift key and select a block of files or
ohold down the Ctrl key and select additional individual files.
2.Click Open.
3.If only one file is open in Twin view or fewer than four files are open in Quad view, the 'Open' dialog is shown again: select another file and click Open.
oIf Quad view has been set up and saved (see Twin/Quad view), the Open dialog is shown twice more so that two more files may be selected. These will be displayed in their own EscapeE windows at the foot of the screen.
4.Click Open.
The selected files are opened and displayed, each in its own 'eE' EscapeE iconEscapeE window.

If you already have two files open in 'Twin view' and would like to open another file:

1.Click the Information button 'i' glyphInformation button.
2.Tick Quad view on the 'Options' sub-menu.
3.Click the Open file button glyphFile open button.
4.A standard 'Open' dialog is shown: select the new file(s) as before
5.Click Open.

Blue diamond bullet Tip

The first time that the 'Open' dialog is displayed, move it to the bottom-right of the screen. This ensures that it does not get hidden by the newly opened files.