The EEview Control panel

RedTitan EEview was designed to run two files within the EscapeE environment in tandem. A single toolbar operates on both files simultaneously so that you may inspect the content easily, page by page.

This is ideal for comparing 'before' and 'after' files to see what, if anything, has changed. For example, comparing medical files to monitor the progress of a patient undergoing treatment.

Two files may be shown in Twin view with their display windows side-by-side, or aligned one on top of the using the Transparency feature.

An options switch allows up to four files to be viewed simultaneously: see Quad view.


When the mouse has not been used over the Control panel for several seconds, the Control panel slides away to leave a vestigial edge. This may be horizontal:

or vertical depending on how the toolbar is docked.

To show the Control panel again, hover the mouse over the edge.