The INCLUDE element is used to incorporate named groups and IDF, CSV or EE files. For example,


incorporates an existing group with the name of 'para2'. Files can be INCLUDEd within a PAGE container if the file itself contains no more than one page. To incorporate a multi-page file, ensure that the INCLUDE statement is located outside any PAGE container.

In this example, the FILENAME attribute incorporates the IDF file 'FRED3':


and setting the CACHE attribute treats 'FRED3.IDF' as an overlay. (Overlays are used for efficiency when an object is used more than once in the document.)

When an INCLUDE element is placed within a GROUP, included objects do not inherit any properties from that group other than supplying the X,Y position and rotation to be applied to the object.

When an INCLUDE statement does not specify a GROUPNAME or FILENAME (i.e. <INCLUDE/>), IDF uses the group or file specified in its parent container.

The file type is determined by the extension of a named file:
.IDF is another Intelligent Document Format file
.EE is a set of EscapeE field definitions
.CSV is a comma-separated data file with field names in record 1. The data values are assigned to the specified fields.