IDF elements

These element tags are defined:

IDF - mandatory root element,

in which the following element tags may occur:

DDF - to insert Dynamic Document Formatter code into the IDF script
EXECUTE - a program to be called to supply data
FIELD - a type of group which invokes an EscapeE field and is positioned relative to it
FILE - displays the contents of a page of a file
GROUP - encapsulate (and re-use) a group of items
INCLUDE - incorporates a named GROUP or IDF or EE field file
INFO - for placing comments in an IDF script
PAGE - a type of group which defines a physical side of a page of output
RS2 - for placing RS/2 code in an IDF script.
RTF - a rich text segment
SIGNATURE - a digital signature
TEXT - a text string caption; formatting can be applied using <?FORMAT?> instruction

plus the drawing element tags:

B - points for defining a Bezier curve
M - Moves the drawing cursor
P - points defining a Polyline.

Technical note

You may include 'non-IDF' XML statements in an IDF file by using a tag with a colon to denote the change of name-space. E.g.:


The content of these elements will be ignored by RTIDFIN.DLL.