This option separates a full score into individual 'Parts'.

1.Open a new IDF control file to create a Composite document in Music part extraction layout then Add files... as in Composite document.
2.Set up Part extraction:

EscapeE will make a TIFF of the PDF and then display its first page.

Any blocks of text or staves that EscapeE detects will be shown enclosed within coloured boxes. Each box denotes a clip region and is labeled with a number or letter (in blue on the right).

Size, position, labels and number of Parts can be edited here, either now or later by re-opening this page-editor: see Editing the Control file.

In this example there are five Parts, numbered 1 to 5, for extraction.

4.Click OK to show the next page: it may be edited straight away or later. Repeat the showing/editing of each 'next page' until the last page is done, then click OK to close the page-editor.
5.Click OK to close 'Booklet creation' dialog.
6.The IDF editor opens. The IDF code may be edited here if you want to build an even more complicated control file, see other documents.
Click OK. EscapeE shows the first page for Part1: the staves are given numbers which are shown on the left of each staff.

Click to enlarge image

Use the Next page button to step through the Parts/pages.


Composite document

Editing the Control file

Other documents