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MSI Data Corporation's barcode; originally based on the 'Plessey' barcode and also known as Modified Plessey. Only digits 0-9 can be encoded.

Black bars and white bars are used in two widths: the wide bars are twice the width of the narrow bars.

The format does not require the barcode to be of a fixed length, but some organizations may standardize their bar-codes to be of a specified length.

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Variant A
Scales bar-code width to half normal size. Reduces height from 2/3 inch to 1/2 inch.
Stretch height by
Enter number of mid-section bands to be inserted. These bands are normally 1/3 inch high (or 1/4 inch high for Variant A). Default 0 normally generates a barcode 2/3 inch high (or 1/2 inch high for Variant A).