Display the addtext plugin dialog (see To attach a plugin to a field): the name of the field to be configured is shown in its title bar.

1.Type the new text in the edit box; see also Entering text.
2.Set up the Font.
3.In the 'Positioning' panel, select the units of measurement from the drop-down list: choose from inches, cm or (1/72 inch) points.
4.Set up the Positioning mode:
oClick reference point to place the text relative to a corner of the page or the field area. Or
oClick field to align the text to the boundaries of the field area.
5.An interactive diagram is displayed:

Click to expand/collapse image In reference point mode, click on a corner of the page or cyan area.

Click to expand/collapse imageIn field mode, click on one of the nine alignment options.

Enter a horizontal offset distance and a vertical offset distance in the edit boxes; a zero in both boxes places the new text at the reference point.

6.Enter a Vertical spacing for the added lines of text (see Positioning the text) or
leave the edit-box blank to apply the default spacing for the selected font.
7.Select a Rotation for the text-block:
oNo rotation (default)
o1 right-angle counter-clockwise 90°
o2 right-angles 180° (upside-down)
o3 right-angles counter-clockwise 270° (equivalent to 1 right-angle clockwise)
8.Tick Delete original field box if the field text is not to be shown in the document.
9.Click OK.