Most systems maintain a huge stock of fonts. To set up the Font to be used for a new text-string, start by narrowing down the search:

1.Select a source Library in which the font is located, e.g. WINDOWS.
2.Select the file containing its font group e.g. Arial. For a proportional font select a size too, e.g. 10 point.

Now you can choose a specific font with the appropriate Weight, Style, Encoding and Resolution from the Font-list Viewer.

Click to expand/collapse textSet up a color for text
either choose one of the standard colors:







|dark green










or enter a custom red, green, blue color mix. E.g.

100% Red

60% Green

20% Blue

sets up an orange hue.

The chosen color is shown in the panel alongside.

Click to expand/collapse textNotes

Choosing a font which is already present in the document ensures that the new text will match existing styles and minimize the document file-size, but be careful not to choose a sub-set font – it may not include the characters/sizes used in your new text!
Choosing a proportional font from the Windows™ library, for example, will be more reliable – but at the expense of a larger document file.

Fonts have a default line-height but addtext plugin enables you to specify a different value without altering the size of the character glyphs: see Line spacing.