You may copy all of the text on a page, or just a part of the text. The text is placed in the clipboard ready for pasting elsewhere; see also Extracted text options.

To copy some of the text on a page

First you must select the piece of text to be copied: selected text is shown in a rectangular box with transparent sizing handles, for example

Example 'selected text area' image

Use the mouse to sweep over the piece of text for copying. Then:
oChoose Copy from the pop-up menu or
oChoose Copy from the 'Edit' menu.

Similarly, you may copy the whole page by choosing Select all from the 'Edit' menu instead of sweeping-out an area, but there are more efficient ways:

To copy all of the text on a page

When there is no text selected, all the text on the page may be copied to the clipboard, even if only part of the page is on view in the EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE window.

Choose Copy Page from the 'Edit' menu or
key-in Ctrl Alt C or
right click on the page and choose Copy Page from the pop-up menu.

Tip:  to create a new document from parts selected from existing documents, try using the IDF Copy & Add selection to IDF feature: see Creating an IDF document.