Simple composite documents may be specified as a "list of files" (LOF) file. The file options are initialized as specified in the RT.INI file, modified by any EscapeE 'eE' iconEscapeE command-line options. Options for the individual file are then applied.

In the case of a remembered file list, double-clicking on a file-line in the control-file window replaces any options on the original command-line with those on the clicked line.


This is the heading for a List Of Files control file that has been created using Intelligent Document Format.


When a LOF file with this heading is opened in EscapeE, it will be displayed in a separate text-editing window. It can be double-clicked to open the file with the specified options. See Creating a control file and Example: Command lines.

EscapeE's Command-line options may be appended to any component document's filename in a LOF file. These are some of the options commonly used in LOF files:

/DEFINE fieldname=value

Defines a field.


Erases that input file once the LOF has been exported.

/FIELDS fieldsfile

Specifies that ".EE" fieldsfile is used to provide the field definitions for that component document.

/REM 'remark'

For placing a comment in the code which will be ignored by EscapeE.

/PAGES n-m

To include a sub-set of pages from the specified file rather than the whole file; for example

"s:\escapee\archive\reviews.pcl" /pages 2-3