A certificate is uniquely identified by a common name (CN), a serial number (SN) and the issuing authority(CA).

e.g. CN=RedTitan Ltd, CA=Thawte Code Signing CA – G2, SN=30 E6 14 B1 8A A3 0A 9D 22 5A ED C8 E0 1E 15 0A

Complex certificate specifications of this form are replaced in the EscapeE interface by using a short alphanumeric name called a profile. A database of profile-names is maintained by EEcerts and the unique profile-name is used instead of a complete certificate specification. A group of profiles and certificate disk file names can also be defined as a "list", simplifying the process of creating a recipient list.

To allow signing in EscapeE, the user must define at least one profile using EEcerts where the specified certificate has an associated private key. If the Windows defaults have been used when importing certificates, then the appropriate private key certificates are located in the "My" store.

Note: Internet Explorer calls the "My" certificate store "Personal".