Should you need to update an existing recipient list, open EscapeE and:

Click Manage certificates on the Security options page of the EscapeE PDF export configuration dialog.

This opens EEcerts certificate management dialog. Then:

1.Click Recipient list button at the foot of the 'Profiles' (right-hand) panel to display the 'edit recipient lists' dialog.
2.Select the recipient list for editing from the panel on the left.
3.To add a profile to the selected recipient list, tick its check-box (upper central panel).
4.To remove a profile from the selected recipient list, clear its check-box.
5.To add a certificate file to the selected recipient list, click Add file and select the appropriate identity certificate (.CER, .P7B or .P7C format file) from your standard 'Open' dialog. The file will be added to the list in the lower central panel.
6.To remove a certificate file from the selected recipient list, select it from the (lower central panel) list then click Remove.
7.When you have finished updating the recipient list:
oclick Save list. Or
oto close the dialog:
click or
select Close from the drop-down menu or
click Alt + F4.

You will be prompted to choose whether to save the changes or not: click Yes.


A summary of the selected file or profile properties are shown in the panel on the right; further information on the certificate may be shown by clicking the Details button.