Firstly, in EscapeE:

Click Manage certificates on the 'Security options' page of the PDF export configuration dialog.

This opens EEcerts certificate management dialog.

1.Click Time-stamp button at the foot of the (right-hand) 'Profiles' panel to 'configure time stamping services'.
2.Enter, or select from the drop-down list, either
othe URL of your TTP or
oa profile containing the URL of your TTP.
3.If necessary, a further level of security may be configured by setting up the time-stamp 'Authentication' options too:
oEnter the User name for logging on to your TTP server and
oEnter the Password supplied by your TTP server.
Each character in the password is shown as an asterisk.
To display the actual characters instead, tick Show password.
4.Click OK.
5.Exit EEcerts by clicking title-bar button or
select Close from the title-bar drop-down menu or
click Alt + F4.

When the document is exported, the EscapeE log will be updated with the message "PDF is secured".


When configuring time stamping services, the URL/profile, User name and Password boxes may be cleared without removing the selected URL/profile from the drop-down list by clicking Delete.