About EEfonts

Some printer drivers use arbitrary character codes when downloading fonts, so that any text extracted directly from the PCL file is not readable. The EEfonts program enables you to set up a character recognition database which can be used by RedTitan EscapeE to convert the text back to a useful form, either in Windows® character set or Unicode.

Click to expand/collapse hidden textTo run EEfonts

Select Library folders... from the EscapeE 'Options' menu, then click the Setup button in the 'Character recognition database' section.

Alternatively the program can be called from the Windows® Start|Run menu and may be given a parameter which is the name of a single-font database that is to be merged with the main database (see below).

On entry to EEfonts the Add fonts to character recognition database dialog will be displayed. On the left of the dialog there is a list of 'Windows' fonts available from your computer. On the right is the list of fonts that have already been added to the character recognition database library. For a new installation only a restricted set of fonts are added to its character recognition database library. Any of the Windows fonts that are not in the library will be highlighted in blue. The selection can be changed in the usual Windows way:

a click will select a single font;
holding the shift key before clicking will select all fonts on the lines between this click and the previous one;
holding down the control key will retain any previous selection and toggle the selected font between the selected and unselected states.

The control key can be used in conjunction with the shift key if required.

Click on the Exit button to quit the program and return to EscapeE.

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Style options
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