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RedTitan EEview 'ee' EEview icon was designed to run two* files within the 'eE' EscapeE iconEscapeE environment in tandem. A single toolbar operates on both files simultaneously so that you may inspect the content easily, page by page. The two files may be shown with their display windows side-by-side, or aligned one on top of the using the Transparency feature. EEview can also utilize the graphical comparison features of RTIMAGE to provide in-depth detail.

This is ideal for comparing 'before' and 'after' files to see what, if anything, has changed. For example, comparing medical files to monitor the progress of a patient undergoing treatment.

*An options switch allows up to four files to be viewed simultaneously: see Quad view.

To display details of your EEview and also the EscapeE version number, click Information button 'i' glyphInformation and select About from the sub-menu. Click Copy to clipboard to extract the text for use elsewhere.

In this section:

Description of the The EEview Control panel
About Opening files in EscapeE windows controlled by EEview
How to navigate through the pages displayed in the EscapeE windows: see Paging through files
Using the Transparency feature to compare the positions of items in two documents
How to find text strings:  see Searching for text
Scaling the view to zoom in and out or 'scale to fit' pages in one or both windows
How to print or export pages:  see Outputting pages
Closing EscapeE windows and/or EEview: see Exiting EEview