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PARAMCOUNT returns the number of parameters passed to the program on the command line.
See also PARAMSTR below.

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PARAMSTR returns the parameter from the command line that corresponds to INDEX, or
if INDEX is greater than PARAMCOUNT, then PARAMSTR returns an empty string.
For example, an INDEX value of 2 returns the second command-line parameter.

In EscapeE the INDEX values 0 and 1 have special meanings:
PARAMSTR(0) returns the path and file name of the RS/2 program e.g. "Table.RS2".
PARAMSTR(1) supplies the page number.
In EscapeE (v8.85+) extended command line filename syntax, the filename parameter may be followed by a number of other parameters. Each parameter is separated from the next by a comma;
PARAMSTR(n) for n>1 to n<=PARAMCOUNT returns the nth parameter on the command line.

Example This command line contains the file name parameter "Table.RS2" followed by the name parameter of the data file used to fill the table "Sales.csv". (/PDF and /X are EscapeE switches – see EscapeE Help.)
...ESCAPEE Table.RS2,Sales.csv /pdf /x
then PARAMSTR(2) would return "Sales.csv".
Example Column example, Table example: Variable data.

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In Windows RS2 JIT compiler, HALT terminates program execution and returns the exit code N.

In EscapeE, HALT(1) is used to signal 'end of file'.

Example Column example, Rotate example, Line example, Table example: Basic, Table example: Variable data.

See also EOF and CLOSEFILE functions.

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SLEEP suspends processing for specified period.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textPipe(PipeName,Query:string):string;


The RS/2 function PIPE provides inter-process communication on a local computer to another program that implements the pipe server named PIPENAME. For example, to send database queries to Microsoft® SQL Server®.
Strings of up to 8000 bytes may be sent and received.

See also NAMESERVER.ZIP in the rs2 demo files.

Click to expand/collapse this hidden textWriteLn(P1 [, P2, ...,Pn ] );


WriteLn writes lines of text to the console window.

In EscapeE this is the LOG  window.

(To write to a file see WRITELINE procedure.)

Example WriteLn example