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RedTitan's EscapeE is a program which interprets Hewlett-Packard's Printer Control Language (PCL) and Graphics Language (HP-GL, used by plotters). EscapeE will also interpret Tag Image Format Files (TIFFs).

The program has five main uses:

viewing a PCL print file on screen and printing sample pages. This means you can view the layout of a job before production printing.
converting a PCL print file to other formats. Some of these formats are useful for archiving documents: e.g. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), PDF (Portable Document Format), plain text or the new format that Windows Vista™ defaults to: XPS (XML paper specification). Other formats are useful for transferring PCL jobs to other printers, e.g. IBM IPDS and AFP images,  Xerox IMG images, PostScript files and FDL (Forms Description Language). You can export files manually or set up EscapeE to run continuously, converting new files as they arrive. EscapeE supports TCP/IP input from a specified port and can send its PDF output via LPR. EscapeE also can be controlled remotely from a standard browser using the nQ server.
extracting data from a PCL datastream. This is done by marking out the position of the data fields on a page. EscapeE then saves the data in those positions into comma separated values (CSV), extensible markup language (XML) or Plain Text.
converting from TIFF, DCX/PCX to other formats e.g. PDF, AFP, Xerox or to TIFFs at lower resolution or with different compression or rotation.
constructing a composite document from several files. EscapeE uses a control file to combine files in PCL, TIFF and/or PDF formats into a single document, then export it in the format of your choice.

The functions available depend on which version of the program you have installed:

EscapeE Viewer has full viewing features.
EscapeE Transformer has in addition many of the conversion format options.
EscapeE Professional has all the features of the Transformer plus the ability to automate conversion.

For more details, see Compare features.

Important note: If you have downloaded EscapeE from the Internet, you will need to register it.